Where Physiotherapy and Fitness Meets


 Accelerated Cyclebarre is where  Fitness meets Rehabilitation. We are a boutique facility that offers Physiotherapy, Massage, Personal Training, and a variety of group fitness classes. Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere that is comfortable for all ages and fitness levels. We not only treat injuries but aim to prevent them from occurring. 


The little things matter at CycleBarre. We pay attention to all the details with our focus on one thing: providing the best classes possible. 



WE ARE Sudbury's  first indoor cycling Studio that couples a high caloric burning workout with a unique sensory experience.  Our colorful lighting compliments the workout creating a fun energizing classes. Part cycle class, part dance party! Don't let the flash fool you, there's still a workout to be had. Your bike is wirelessly networked into our system that displays your performance on TV's around the studio.

We provide complimentary shoes, cold scented towels, lockers and showers,making your total experience amazing from the minute you walk in.

Our classes are designed to "Build you, Not Break You" and for all ages and fitness levels.



It's the perfect fitness method for everyone. It is a safe high energy and low impact workout

Indoor cycling does not require you to be the most coordinated and fit person to enjoy it. 

Fantastic calorie burn. In a 45 minute class, you can burn about 600-800 calories

Adjustable Tempo. The stationary bike has adjustable tensions, which you can change during the class. This makes it an ideal class for all fitness levels. Your instructor will indicate when to change the tension, or you can adjust it according to your abilities and fitness goals. 

If this is your first class or your 50th, take it at your own pace, we've got your back!


Happy Hour Cycle- 45 min indoor cycle class in the dark with disco lighting, high energy music and heart rate monitors to track your progress.We incorporate tempo controlled drills & weights for upper body strength. 

* BARRE- This workout is at perfect balance of muscle sculpting using bands, weighted balls & the Barre itself! Head to toe workout.Must wear sticky socks in class

*PILATES MAT- Structured Pilates class on floor with small equipment such as circles, balls and bands.Sticky socks are recommended for safely and cleanliness. 

*Pilates Circuit with large equipment-Reformer & Tower. Sticky socks are recommended. 

* PUMP IT - Group weight training class to the beat of fun music!

*LITT- Low Impact Interval Training Our signature class. All the benefits of HIIT without the pounding force on your joints. Uses the Fitwall, Reformer, Tower and other fun equipment. This class is designed to "Build You, NOT Break You"

*INDOOR CYCLING STANDARD- We offer state of the art bikes in our stadium studio. CycleBarre offers unmatched performance technology, a welcoming and supportive atmosphere and proven results. And FUN!! We incorporate tempo controlled drills and weights for upper body conditioning.

*RYTHMN - A high energy cardio cycle party featuring choreographed rhythmic moves to exhilarating music! With the lights down low & heart pumping music competition disappears and self doubt runs into group love. All levels are welcome!

*PERFORMANCE RIDE - Featuring traditional indoor cycle techniques. Real to road coaching by cyclists and suited to riders who prefer "outdoor" ride style. Experience a full ride of hills, sprints & intervals with energizing music and motivational instruction.

*SUDBURY HILLS - Our ultimate training ride. Whether you are tackling a steep hill or stimulating rolling hills, you will find yourself lost in the climb. But don't worry, we have the right music to help you through. You will be dancing your way to the top!

*TEAM RACE- You ride as a team. Whether you come alone or with friends, the team dynamic keeps you motivated, supported and accountable without stressing you our. The class is arranged in 3 teams, so when you get on your bike you will meet your team! 

* MYSTERY THEME CLASS- A high energy 45 min. class, where the theme is not known until the start of the class...hence the mystery! Great for all fitness levels.

*FLASH BACK - This 45 min. ride take you right back to your school days with hits from the 70's to the early 2000's. It is accompanied by a longer arm sequence to complement your pumping legs.

*Triple Sweat- Begins with 30 min cycle, moves to body sculpting and stretching at the end.

*Double Sweat- Get your cardio with 30 min cycle and finish the class with 30 min of Pilates or circuit training.



There is no party like a Cyclebarre party! Whether you are celebrating or looking for a team workout; let us be your host! for an affordable price, you can have your own private class. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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