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We offer Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Barre, "Pump It" and Interval Circuit Training Classes. Our mission is to provide you with fun safe fitness classes, keeping in mind injury prevention. When you begin at Accelerated Physio and CycleBarre, we recommend taking at least 3 classes in short succession so that you can experience the full potential of the workouts. 

Class Descriptions 

Happy Hour Cycle Class

You enter a dark room with a thumbing electronic beat, flashing disco ball and glowing lights. This is not a disco, you are in Cycle Happy Hour class! This class is designed to give you a great cardio workout with an emphasizes on fun! Happy Hour class does not forget about your upper body or core as it incorporates safe upper extremity work using small weights. 

Cycle Standard

 Our signature 45 minute cycle class focusing on tempo, timing and rhythm. It is an invigorating workout and is meant for all fitness levels, as you control the tension. 

Lunch Time Cycle Express

Lack of time for exercise? Even the busiest of us can fit in a 30 minute ride to energize the body and burn calories quickly.


This is not a Ballet class, or only for dancers it is designed for all fitness levels. In less than a  hour, you will get a full body workout that is low impact and fun! Classes at the Barre combine strengthening and stretching to help create long lean muscles. 

Pilates Mat

A workout that emphasizes alignment and breathing technique, blending strengthening and flexibility. Pilates will help improve posture, reduce stress and create long lean muscles. This class incorporates the use of small equipment such as circles, balls and bands. ideal for all fitness levels.

Interval Circuit Class

Interval Circuit class is unique to Accelerated Physio and CycleBarre as it incorporates equipment found only in our studio. In 30 minutes, you will get all the benefits of high intensity interval training ( boot camps) with less stress on your joints. Train Smarter. Not Longer.


Fusion of a variety of Yoga techniques with postures broken down into a series of levels to customize to class ability and energy levels. This class will engage your muscles, open your joints, calm you mind and lift your spirits. 

Pump It

Pump it uses light/moderate weights with high repetitions giving you a full body workout. Class participant number is small, this way the instructor can keep a careful eye on you to make sure that your form is correct to avoid injury. 

Fun high energy cardio class using drum stixx.

Evidence based group exercise class for hip and knee OA. Must have Physiotherapy initial Assessment first and enter data into GLA:D data base.

Cycle 101
Designed for beginner riders. Non intimidating class where you will learn cycle terminology and form. 

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